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Enterprise Risk Leadership is more than just a process, it is a way of looking at business decision-making.  This type of decision-making needs to be unified into each step you take in growing your business organization so you produce a risk-sensitive business culture.

Community Harvest® provides businesses with a single source to satisfy their Enterprise Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation needs (aka Enterprise Risk Services or ERM Services).

Many consulting firms offer routine, disconnected ERM services.  We offer you a system of services (SOS) which are unified and sustainable. That is why we call the outsourcing services we provide, TRUSTSourcing(sm) Services. 

With our community leadership sustainability system, we are able to provide business owners with all the "non-core" risk mitigation services they need from a single source, from a single community of specialists.  This greatly simplifies the mitigation of the risks of your non-core business so you can focus on your core business.

We work ON mitigating the risks of your business while you work IN your business.  So work with us to:

                                     GET READY!

Think about which non-core services you are ready to TRUSTSource.


Write a plan to TRUSTSource that service using our proprietary TRUSTSourcing Life-Cylce.


TRUSTSource your non-core service to Community Harvest and Go Live with our online process management LiveGuide™ for Sustainability TRUSTSourcing tool.

Has your Business Consultant discussed your Enterprise Risks with you?

Have they discussed how to mitigate those risks by applying a Business Sustainability Leadership System?

Perhaps they don't have one.
Community Harvest®

Community Harvest®